Talking to Women Online Course

This Program has been designed to empower women to gain the knowledge on how to present themselves with confidence and earn credibility. Charisma, Chemistry and Confidence are the characteristics shared by winners in all walks of life. Learn the skills to have astounding ability to forge instant bonds with anyone, anywhere and anytime. This program will coach you on how to make a positive and lasting impression and add to your bottom line.


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Course Outlay:

1. Assertiveness and Self confidence
2. Body Language
3. Business Ethics
4. Business Etiquette
5. Critical thinking
6. Goal setting
7. Interpersonal skills
8. Communication strategies
9. Negotiation skills

10.Sales fundamentals
11.Media and public relations
12.Creating a great webinar
13.Social intelligence
14.Presentation skills
15.Time management
16.Developing creativity
17.Personal productivity

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