How many of us make new year’s resolutions for ourselves and by March only 6% of us have followed through with their resolutions and goals.

All the untouched dreams, the body weight not lost, all the bad habits left unbroken, all our desires and passions not fulfilled. Let's not be left with broken resolutions and unfulfilled goals.

Let me help you make it happen! Make 2017 your year!

  1. Make your goals specific
  2. Keep them simple
  3. Have an action plan for each day/week/month
  4. Set deadlines for yourself
  5. Create a support system
  6. Get an accountability Partner
  7. Reward yourself for your achievements
  8. Do not negotiate with yourself
  9. Stick to your goals

Take time to ask yourself, how does reaching your goals make you feel?

How do you want to feel in 2017 and let that feeling INSPIRE YOU.

It is easy to set goals and resolutions , yet not having support and motivation can lead us to giving up.

The Mighty Women Transformational Academy has been designed to assist those who want to build a successful business of their dreams. To build personal confidence and overcome your inner fears to live your dream and to help you ultimately walk YOU through your transformational process with mentoring and one on one.

If you DESIRE a support system to help you hold accountability throughout the year, then schedule a call with me or mail me.

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The Best is yet to come!

Lorraine Sutherland
Style, Etiquette, Communications, Business, Lifestyle & Success Coach.


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