What Successful Women Have in Common

In a "man's" world, many dynamic women continue to blaze a trail through hard work and determination to secure their spot at the top. Successful women push forward and break down doors. Each and every one of them encounters barriers on the way up, but they do not let that deter them. It is overcoming these hurdles that makes reaching your goal so sweet and so rewarding. A woman's path to success may be more strenuous, but it is not impossible. Plenty have managed to rise to the top, while balancing career and family. We are versatile and powerful!  Although the "good ole boys club" does still exist, it is not impenetrable, and women are now forming their own power groups.

Unfortunately, there are cases where both men and women who become a success make it difficult for others to climb to the top, often due to fear of competition among other things. We live in a world where plenty believe that in order to be successful, one must annihilate any possibility of competition.  The actual definition of competing is striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same.

Is this the to only way to progress? Co-operation is another way, a better way toward success. When we work together for a common goal, progress comes faster. It is efficient and beneficial to all. Strength is in numbers, sisters. Co-operation can bring us much further ahead than competition.


Success, we all want it! Some have achieved it, most strive for it. Becoming successful is not an easy feat, often harder for us, ladies. So what are the main steps in the process that triumphant women to achieve? These are the key elements all successful women have in common:

Taking Risks

Every successful woman I've researched has taken risks. Whether it was quitting the 9 – 5 job to create her own business or putting all of her money and time into her dream while ignoring others advising them against it.

Some have quit their established position at a very successful company to follow their life's passion and take daily strides to victory. For others, it was less time with their families or having to take a 2nd mortgage bond or a personal loan. They made tough decisions and sacrifices to achieve their goals. 


Successful women are extremely passionate about their vision. It is their passion that gives them the necessary drive to put forth hard work and determination to make their dreams a reality. When we find what it is we love to do, it really does not feel like "work".


These women accepted there would be times when situations seemed to go wrong and success appeared unachievable. That is the moment many give up. But victorious women do not let those difficulties stop them, they press on. They do not view them as failures, just obstacles to overcome. Tough situations make you stronger and wiser. As Oprah Winfrey once said, "There are no failures." 


All successful women truly believe in their ability to succeed right from the start. Their belief is so strong that it has become a knowing. They know they would make it, and so they stick to their vision! Having unwavering confidence in themselves gives them the courage to face any and all barriers presented.


All along the road, they are truly appreciative of the entire journey. Through hardship and triumph they understand that to reach their goal, every step is necessary. To show their gratitude, many successful women reach back to help their sisters along the way.

While success is measured differently by each one of us, formidable ladies, the basic steps are the same. There will be many hurdles on the road to success, but always be thankful and do not forget the lessons learned, so you can shine your light for your sisters coming up the path. Empower each other and continue to blaze your trail, Mighty Women Never, ever give up, and I will meet you at the top!
Or I will help you to get to the top.

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Lorraine Sutherland

Style, Etiquette, Communications, Business, Lifestyle & Success Coach.



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