Optimism Co-Creates Optimal Opportunities

The importance of optimism is finally being realized. I say finally, because often it used to be automatically implied that a person had to be in ‘La-la Land’ if he or she were generally optimistic. Of course, perception plays a role here also. People can see the same situation differently. One person may see all of the possible dangers and another may only focus on all of the potential wonderful outcomes. It would be wise to consider important pros and cons to any situation.

What I’m speaking to here at this time refers to an attitude of optimism. When we feel good and focus on positive expectations, we are more likely to see the optimal opportunities that life has to offer to us. We feel worthy also to receive them. We can learn how to hold an attitude of feeling good and positive expectations about life just as we learned how to feel bad or hold negative expectations. It is not some universal Law of the Universe that makes us automatically negative. Nature and nurture has a role to play in all of human behaviour and choices. To the degree that we become more self-aware of self-managing our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we can begin to have greater conscious choice in our daily moods and outlook in general.

Keep in mind that your feelings that you carry in your body enormously affect the health of your body, mind and spirit. It completely affects your energy and vitality, so this is critical to begin to recognize for happiness and wellbeing overall.

“No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.” — Helen Keller

I want to be clear up front that I am not talking about denying or repressing your feelings. This is what most people currently are conditioned to do, and it is a very harmful and toxic practice. What I am sharing in this new paradigm is that we can ‘make friends with our feelings’ and learn how to view them differently.

Paradoxically, when we view them differently, they will cause us less pain and angst. We know from neuroscience that perception (how we see) greatly affects our experience of feelings. If we think of them as ‘dangerous’ and bad, that is going to be our reality pretty much every time. I know this fact well. At one time, I was literally terrified of low vibrating, ‘negative’ feelings. I felt powerless and feared feeling out of control.

Ironically, it was during those years that I was generally out of control emotionally, often struggling with teary eyes at the most inopportune moments, or exploding with anger when someone pushed my emotional buttons. Back then I had lots of buttons, which develop when we don’t understand how to attend skillfully to feelings in our life.

So to be explicitly clear, in regard to optimism and feelings, I’m suggesting to you that you consider learning how to change renew your mind—literally—about how you perceive emotion and feeling. This is going to be the only way, which means you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour  (2 Corinthians 5:17) Therefore, if anyone in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.  Let God retrain your brain, to become masterful at managing your feelings and developing emotional intelligence in a more advanced, accelerated fashion. Just as we learned how to use cell phones and computers, we can learn this new inner restoration, God will never leave you or forsake you, the Holy Spirit lives within you and becomes your Pshycologist at a whisper of His name.  Cast all your cares unto Jesus.  There is no greater Comforter, Healer, other than Jesus.

Optimism is not about putting on a ‘smiley face’ mask. It is about feeling embodied, feeling good about yourself and the possibilities you face in your daily life. This is about learning to re-acquaint yourself with your courageous heart and not only being dominated by your head.

Expecting the worst and thinking cynically does not make you more productive or more ‘realistic,’ contrary to popular belief. One can hold cynical attitudes and still not get their goals accomplished, and it is not a fuel-efficient way to live. It drains your energy.

Frankly, it takes more energy to overcome the resistance of fear than it does to sail along the waves of joy. It’s more motivating to get out of the bed when you are enthusiastic and feel good, than when you dread the day ahead. We do not have to accept the status quo belief that ‘life is a struggle, and then you die.’ That’s just one way to look at it. Since you are here on planet earth, you may as well learn how to enjoy it instead of tormenting yourself.

This is the power of self-awareness to change the lens, through which we see our lives. With self-awareness, we can learn how to skillfully self-manage our emotions and feelings instead of being enslaved by them. If we don’t learn how to control our emotions, we will continue to be at the mercy of outside distractions that can keep us stuck and feeling powerless. When you learn how to skillfully self-manage your emotions and feelings, you can then, Be YOU, Magnificently.Uniquely, authentically—YOU!

And by ultimately knowing your Creator and walking with Him every second of your day all of the above becomes reality.  First God then all things will fall into place.
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Lorraine Sutherland
Style, Etiquette, Communications, Business, Success and Lifestyle Coach.


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