6 Great Qualities of Successful Women

What sets a successful woman apart from everybody else? What does it take to become a winner? When you look at people who achieved success, it seems they were born this way – determined to win. But the truth is, any success (unless it has been achieved by a complete chance) is a product of hard work coupled with the right behaviour, attitude and mindset. As a rule, all successful women possess some qualities that give them a competitive edge. It’s never too late to gear yourself with new skills, so take note and work your way to success!

So, which qualities bring the successful women to the top of the ladder?

1. They have a growth mindset

We have distinguished two types of people: those who have a fixed mindset and those who have a growth mindset. A growth mindset is focused on the constant development of one’s talents and abilities. Without growth, we get stuck in stagnation, which does not let us go any further.

Successful women always learn and grow. They see a chance to learn something new in any situation. Instead of resorting only to the proven methods, they are willing to experiment and explore. A growth mindset means being open to new things and people, being interested in others’ achievements and work, as opposed to focusing solely on yourself and your results.

2. They monitor their influence on other people

The attitude of successful woman towards other people also stems from their growth mindset. Women with a fixed mindset are focused on how other people affect them. This is their way of protecting their self-esteem.

Women with a growth mindset, on the other hand, concentrate more on how they affect other people. They understand perfectly well the consequences of their words and actions. Everybody wants to feel their own significance and importance. If you master the skill of making people feel worthy, you will achieve success.

3. They set long-term goals

Successful women never live without a goal. Most people have a set of yearly results they want to achieve, divided into intermediate, monthly goals. But successful women plan much further ahead: they usually have a 10-year strategy to live by. They also resort to special long-term planning techniques, such as visualization.

4. They think strategically

Another distinctive quality of successful women is their strategic thinking. Setting long-term goals allows them to plan their actions. They concentrate on meeting their immediate goals, while keeping in mind their main results. This helps prevent getting stuck in daily routine and avoid emotional traps in case of failure.

Moreover, successful women know perfectly well their own weaknesses. The long-term planning uncovers the skills they lack to achieve the goal. This allows you to learn the skills you lack in advance or to engage other people who can help you with your project.

5. They cooperate

Successful women feel good about cooperation. They constantly communicate with people, noting who can help them achieve their goals. The beauty of networking is that everyone has useful connections, and you can be introduced to people you need. At the same time, successful people not only use other people’s skills, expertise and connections, they also are ready to help their partners. At the end of the day, the best way to improve your relationship with people is to pay back for their services with your services.

6. They are flexible

Finally, the main quality of successful women is flexibility. At the end of the day, if you can resist the pressure longer than everybody else, you win. And sustaining the pressure is only possible if you are flexible.

The good news is, you can learn how to act in stress situations and control your emotions. This comes down to three main traits:

Learn to stay focused on the issue at hand in a stress situation. You will have to get rid of all the emotions – including fear. All that matters is the present moment.


Learn how to make a deliberate decision and get rid of useless factors. Long-term planning will inform your judgment here.


Long-term strategies may become obsolete in light of changed circumstances. That’s why you should be ready to change your course of actions at any moment.

Over-thinking may hinder your flexibility, introducing doubt when you are about to make a decision. Sometimes, these moments of hesitation may have detrimental effect on your results. Successful women take responsibility for their actions, adapt, prioritize and focus on the desired results. This tactics spares them from guilt and regret, and helps eliminate emotional barriers.

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