3 Steps To Avoid Self-Sabotage
Hello Elegant Ladies,
If you desire to get more clients and make more sales (and break into your 6-figures) and you’re frustrated and struggling, you might be challenged with fear and self-sabotage that keeps you from propelling yourself into the success you crave.

The good news is once you become aware of the top 3 self sabotaging mistakes, you can make the changes you need to eliminate them and quickly turn your situation around.  Once you take the steps to improve this area, you’ll be amazed at how quickly other areas of your business and your life will transform.

Let me give you three steps to make the ‘turn around.
Step # 1  Stop Telling Yourself ’It’s Hard’
Over the years, I’ve coached and helped thousands of people make changes in their business and the biggest thing you can do right now is stop telling yourself selling is hard, getting clients is hard and making money is hard. 

The problem is, once you tell yourself ‘it’s hard’, then you turn around and find the evidence that feeds what you’ve told yourself is true.

The golden key to open up to more possibility is to have the willingness to have it be easy.  Once you can be open to possibility, you’ll be able to find the right resources to help advance your passion and achieve your dream.

Step # 2  Make Peace With Your Past

Trying to create from a place of not being at peace with your past only creates more of what you already have. If you take the steps to forgive yourself and others, you’ll clean up your inner world and be able to create the outer world that is fulfilling and feeds you. Now you’re at a place where you can let go of all the old beliefs around money that keep you stuck. 

Step # 3  Set A New Stage

Look at what you’re saying yes to.  Take a moment and look at your money goal at the end of the year.  Make decisions from that new place. Only say yes to those clients and opportunities that will match your level of energy and are in alignment with your values.
Let go of everything else that’s draining you.

In order to grow you’ve got to let go. By taking these steps you’re clearing the path to quickly leap forward with your income your six and seven figure success.. 

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With Elegance, Style and Success!


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