Hello Dear Elegant Ladies

Are you a Women Entrepreneur, a Working Mom, a Home Executive, a Teacher, Professional, then you are at this time making things happen in the world.

The question is, are we doing it with Gracefulness, or is this just an old fashioned term that just gets you to crack the glass ceiling let alone break through it.
We constantly hear about women being Feminists and this whole feminine movement, where as women we constantly had to fight for our rights and make a mark in the workplace to our male competitors.

Is this where as women we have lost touch with our femininity, as we were put into overdrive to stay in a fighting mode.

As an Elegant Women to be Elegant means to also be Graceful and that is such a beautiful Quality. No matter what your role as a women is, I would like to encourage you to allow yourself to become graceful and connect with your Femininity.

When you are Elegant and Graceful, there is magic that surrounds you and it becomes true feminine power.

Once you have accomplished Elegance and Gracefulness you have immediate access to your Feminine Power and this is the place where you become magnetic, you now become in full alignment with your truth and can create the life you desire.

Once you become Elegant and Graceful and have made this true connection through gracefulness, you will become more content with life, more fulfilled and this is what will connect with people and attract opportunities to come your way.

So what is the secret of becoming more graceful and in touch with your feminine side.

The first step is to become COOL, CALM & COLLECTED and to learn to become still within yourself. Breathing is a good excercise and works for me.

Once you Cool, Calm and Collected you will automatically activate the graceful energy within you, and you will naturally strut your stuff.

I am going to put out a challenge to all you ladies out there to become more Elegant and Graceful.

Start off by infusing grace into the way you walk - that means stop yourself from rushing, pause and breath, you will notice that when you become consciously connected with yourself you will notice you are rushing - stop yourself and calm down.

When you are working as a professional and you getting ready to leave to get to work or get home, be it breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time - PAUSE - don't shove the food down - be calm and eat your food gracefully and savour your food and enjoy your meals.

When you calm you will automatically use words of grace - this could be a challenge, especially when we are busy. Try and speak gracefully - Elegance and Gracefulness go hand in hand.

This is true Feminine Power. Give yourself the opportunity to be Elegant and Graceful.

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