About the Lorraine

Here I am today, being given the privilege to show my gratitude of what life offered me throughout the years; to shine, to polish my gifts that God has graced me with to achieve personal mastery.

Two beautiful words; personal mastery- they have an inspirational vibe to them. Those words to me offer hope and challenge, they provoke and affirm and remind us of our highest possibilities.

I believe to be given the gift of life is to be given an awesome responsibility, and coming from humble beginnings I am proud to say I had a deep yearning to understand what life was all about from a young age.

I was fascinated by people, their emotions, and their interactions with others and their environments. I wanted to understand why life was easier for some and more difficult for others.

The question I asked myself was: what is my intention? I concluded that I wanted to maximize my potential by adding value and paving a pathway for every women entrepreneur to assist them to seize up their opportunities to make a difference and to transform their families, businesses, neighborhoods , communities, cities and countries. My belief is if we follow our path of wanting to make a difference we can certainly make the world a better place.


I developed the passion for success and believing in developing as many skills as you possibly can.

Being a women you need to constantly enrich yourself with new skills and make use of your talents. 

One of my career highlights: Crowned Mrs. Globe South Africa 2002. Received an honorary award from Governor Tito Mboweni as Mrs. African Renaissance and that is where my dream started. I worked with Abused Women and Children as that was where I recognized the need to develop a Transformational Academy.

I became an accredited Image, Etiquette, Communications and Leadership Coach in 2013 after studies with International Leadership Coach and Global advisor Gloria Starr, a private council to members of the royal families in the Middle East, Dignitaries and Members to the White House and Executives worldwide. I studied through an International Business Success and Life coach (Gina DeVee) and qualified as an International accredited Transformational, Lifestyle and Business coach.


  • Public Relations (PRISA)
  • IPM ( Institute for personnel management)
  • Certification in Accountancy and Business Economics
  • Certification –Etiquette, Style and Communications (Gloria Starr)
  • Television presenting/SABC- Media Concepts
  • Communication Academy- Communication and Presentation
  • International accredited Transformational, Lifestyle and Business coach
  • Early childhood Education/ Department of Education/Maria Montessori
  • Make-up Artistry- qualified with International Make-up artist Debbi Jean
  • Qualified aroma therapist/International Physio-Aesthetics Academy of Beauty
  • Unilaw Pty Ltd- Founder and Executive Financial Director
  • The Social Edge Preparatory and Modern Day Finishing School- Owner/CEO
  • The Social Edge Biz Corporate management and development training- Owner/CEO
  • Elegant Women’s Club and Online- Developer/Owner of NPO
  • Mighty Women-Founder/CEO
  • Trade Shack- Managing member
  • Fashion Label - Vintage Closet with Gert Johan Coetze - Well known celebrity and fashion designer
  • Own Fashion Label - Vintage Elegance with Local Designers
  • Own Fashion Label - Vintage Kids with Local Designers