Dear Elegant Ladies

Here are 8 things that successful women do differently:

1. They are deeply passionate about what they do.
If you don't love what you do, you're probably not going to be motivated to go above and beyond, to innovate and to stand out in the workplace. But if you're passionate about your career, it will make putting time and effort into it pleasurable, not a chore.

2. They don't expect perfection -- of themselves or those around them.
Research has shown that wasting time and energy trying to be "perfect" only leads to unhappiness. Successful women know that they can't do everything well all the time.

3. They believe that they will be successful.
Not to go all "If you build it, he will come," on you, but believing in your own success - no matter how crazy your idea might seem .

4. They're not afraid to take risks.
Successful women don't make reckless decisions, but they do know how to take a calculated risk.

5. They know that failure goes hand-in-hand with success.
Successful women know that you can't excel all the time, and that an inevitable part of taking leaps in your career is falling down sometimes.

6. They take care of themselves physically.
Many successful women have spoken about the value of regular exercise - not because they are trying to be thin, but because they know that exercise relieves stress, releases endorphins and increases energy.

7. They make sure to schedule alone time.
Research has shown that women tend to prioritize domestic responsibilities such as housework and child care over themselves. Successful women know that they need to schedule alone time the same way they plan meetings, family dinners and networking events.

8. They express gratitude to those around them.
No woman's success happens in a vacuum. Successful women acknowledge those that support them every day, both in their home lives and at the office. And that graciousness not only makes them better people, but fosters loyalty from their employees .

-Lorraine Sutherland