I Started an Interior Decorating and Paint Techniques business in January 2015 and it was not growing, I knew I need to get help and prayed about the situation as I had a Work mentality and not a business Owner’s mentality.

In October 2014 I found Lorraine’s ( Elegant Woman) add in the Born to Shine magazine and kept the book in my bag ever since. In July I eventually got the courage to contact her office regarding her Courses and cost.

Jodi sent me an e-mail with the details and I said to myself, I will have to save and only go next year. To my amazement I got a call from Lorraine herself, that she took interest in someone she has never met before. I met with Lorraine on 04 August 2015 and went through the formalities, the programme and the cost details. She is very professional, understood my vision and where I come from. She dedicated her time and attention thoroughly, to give the best possible advice and guidance. She shared some insightful digital marketing tips and ideas which gave me other important aspects to consider in preparing towards my decision to accept and “Take that Quantum Leap as she so kindly put it”. I left the meeting empowered and confident that my business and I will be successful.

Lorraine has a thorough understanding and insight of business. She has a hands on approach and showed genuine interest in what I’m am planning to do in the future. I can say with confidence, choosing Lorraine as my Mentor, I will be able to not just achieve my goals, but to assist and Mentor others and for this I am very grateful. Thank you Lorraine!


I confirm that I have had the pleasure of knowing Lorraine Sutherland since January 2011. I originally met Lorraine in a professional capacity when I approached her to advertise her business in my women’s magazine. From my very first meeting with Lorraine I was astounded by her eagerness to help women succeed in their businesses and personal lives. Whilst I had actually approached Lorraine to advertise her business in my magazine, she very quickly became a friend and a mentor to me. I was lacking greatly in confidence and self-esteem and Lorraine immediately started offering me enormous encouragement and always pushed me to believe in myself and my worth as a person. She shows incredible empathy and such sincerity in wanting to build a person up. Lorraine has always been the kind of person you can go to for advice – both personal and professional. She so willingly and openly shares her knowledge and expertise and has such a sincere desire to see women reach their full and highest possible potential. She will offer guidance wherever she can and never sees someone as a competitor or a rival – but rather as someone you can work together with to achieve even greater things than you could achieve on your own. With her wealth of business experience and having achieved such great success in all her many diverse businesses she has so much expertise to share and she exudes so much knowledge and confidence when she interacts with you, that you can truly feel the possibilities she discusses with you are totally achievable.

Lorraine has been such an inspiration to me as I have watched her launch and expand several businesses in the time I have known her – and she always achieves such great success. She has a magic about her that results in every business she launches succeeding to unimaginable heights – Lorraine never does anything on a small scale. She is a true example of a no- limits person who knows she will achieve the greatest possible success. She is an extremely dynamic woman and tackles everything with huge passion.

In short, Lorraine is a caring, kind and generous person. She is always ready to offer support, guidance and assistance in a personal capacity. She is also an incredibly vibrant, dynamic and ambitious business woman who has the greatest passion for encouraging every woman she meets to follow their dreams and to believe in themselves.

I have no doubt that Lorraine will excel and dramatically impact many women’s lives with her coaching business.

Mary-Lynn Kapp

Born to Shine Women’s Magazine